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1. Ancient Olympia Festival

Ancient Olympia Festivals

The Ancient Olympia Festival is characterized by the variety of themes and aims to the appointment of all the areas of the ancient site, the two ancient theaters (THE THEATRE OF OLYMPIA FLOKA and the small theatre Drouva), the exhibition areas, events at the pedestrian zone of Olympia town. Concerts, theatrical plays for children and adults, photography exhibitions and even more are waiting for the visitors to enjoy a wonderful summer.

2. Andritsena traditional village

Andritsaina Village

The "Most Beautiful Village on Earth" according a global online travel blog, the picturesque and colourful village of Andritsaina is with a long history; it flourished mainly during the occupation of the Franks (12th-13th AD) and played a crucial role during the Greek War of Independence. The village impresses the visitor by its old mansions, its cobbled streets and its square (plateia), surrounded by tall trees and with a magnificent view of the nearby mountains. I Trani Vrysi (literally meaning "the Great Tap") is located on the opposite side of the plateia and is the Peloponnese's oldest tap, built in 1724. Also, one has the opportunity to visit the unique Nikolopoulios Library. The library contains important and rare books, as well as manuscripts by Greek and foreign authors, including Jean Jacques Rousseau.

3. Alfios River Eco-festival


Alfios River Festival is organized for the protection and development of Alfios' basin: “From destruction to creation”. The music events feature many Greek well known artists and music groups such as Thanos Mikroutsikos, Locomondo, and Sokratis Malamas. The attendants and visitors have the chance to be informed on voluntary actions and to take part in interactive workshops about ecology, art and philosophy along with participate in many sports in Alfios river (Kayak, Hydrospeed, ect.). The festival is carried out with the support of prefecture of Ilia and many NGOs.

4. Chlemoutsi Castle Music Festival


Chlemoutsi castle holds concerts with famous both local and foreign artists in summertime, under the name of Ancient Ilida Festival. Lights added to the castle in the mid to late 20th century and can be seen as far as 80 km by night.

5. Monastery of Kremasti

Monastery Kremasti

It stands at an imposing height and it impresses with its size as it appears to be hanging from the rocky mountainside. From the church’s balcony the visitor can see all the beauty which the county of Ilia offers all the way up to the forest of Foloi as well as the magnificent Erimanthos. 800 years ago, residents of the region would see a light through a hole of a rock. There they hung with a rope someone, who found the picture of the Virgin Mary hovering above. Visitors can go to the monastery from the village of Lanthi or from the village of Lampeti (approx. 8km). In both cases the landscape is unbelievably beautiful.

6. Olympia International Film Festival


It is supported and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the General Secretariat of Youth. It offers great opportunities for children and young people to watch quality films from around the world in order to broaden their cultural knowledge on a world scale, and contributes to the forging of friendship and companionship among the creators from all over the world.

7. Monastery of Sepetou


Built in the 11th century A.D. on a sharp rock precisely above the river of Tritona, tributary of the Alfios river. Opinions vary concerning the origin of the Monastery’s name, Septo a verbal surname of "I respect", or from the Czech "sopot" which means waterfall.The Monastery’s contribution to the people of religion was great through the difficult years of the Ottoman domination. The Monastery’s contribution during the Greek revolution was big as well. It can be visited either by following the road from Andritsaina, or from Anc.Olympia and Dafnou!la the latter being a more difficult road but also more impressive.


8. Ancient Ilida Festival


Mideia, Orestis, Ekavi, Iphigenia and other ancient comedies and dramas come back to life every summer in the Ancient Theatre of Ilida. Ancient Ilida, was one of the most important cultural centres of Peloponnesus in ancient times, and was the host city of the Games and the capital of Ilia. This leading cultural event includes representations in the Ancient Theatre of Ilidas, musical events in the Castle Chlemoutsi as well as parallel activities in the place of ancient Ilida and in the city of Amaliada.

9. The Andravida horse show


The Andravida horse is almost impossible to find outside of the Ilia region of Greece. The lines of this horse can be traced all the way back to the fourth century BC. Bred for the Greek Calvary, this draft type breed is large, strong, and extremely powerful. Every September a worth visiting horse show ends with the prize-giving ceremony for the best horse in various categories of horses.

10. Local feasts (panigiria)


Panigiri or panigiria (pl.)is called the celebration of the village’s patron saint. It is one of the most, if not the most important day in the villages’ communal life. The "panigiria" are embraced by all generations and are still today the centre of Olympia's cultural life, a surprising and exciting reality for its visitors. During your stay it is strongly recommented to experience this unique events.



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