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1. Kato Samiko Beach


The best hidden gem of the western Peloponnese is just a car ride away-the tropical beach lying below the tiny village of Kato Samiko. The beach is vast, the sand is golden and palm-frond wood umbrellas offer a welcoming respite from the sun. Unlike with many Greek beaches, no one comes to make you pay just for the privilege of lying beneath them. Apart from sunbathing, swimming, beach-volley, rackets, wind-surfing and other aquatic sports is a must for all visitors. During your bath you can also have a café on the sand, the frappe -the national drink, instant Nescafé whipped up with water and a sweet foamy head. After a day in the sea you can taste fresh fish (called psaria) with extra-virgin oil and vegetables, and enjoy your beers or ouzo!

2. Nedas' Waterfalls


Feel the magic of the only Greek river “of feminine gender”. According to the Greek Mythology, Neda was a Nymph, a goddess of waters. Walk along the riverbanks, under the shade of huge plane-trees, oaks, and thick bushy vegetation, and inside the river of Neda. At some parts the gorge is very narrow and you will have to swim. The river trek ends in a place with natural river pools under a waterfall a real fun paradise for children where they can swim under the spectacular water fall.

3. Alfios River


Alfios River Festival is organized for the protection and development of Alfios' basin: “From destruction to creation”. The music events feature many Greek well known artists and music groups such as Thanos Mikroutsikos, Locomondo, and Sokratis Malamas. The attendants and visitors have the chance to be informed on voluntary actions and to take part in interactive workshops about ecology, art and philosophy along with participate in many sports in Alfios river (Kayak, Hydrospeed, ect.). The festival is carried out with the support of prefecture of Ilia and many NGOs.

4. Activities in Olympia valley


The natural situation of Olympia is, in one sense, of great beauty. When Lysias, in his Olympiacus (spoken here), calls it "the fairest spot of Greece", he was doubtless thinking also - or perhaps chiefly - of the masterpieces which art, in all its forms, had contributed to the embellishment of this national sanctuary. But even now the praise seems hardly excessive to a visitor who, looking eastward up the fertile and well-wooded valley of Olympia, sees the snow-crowned chains of Erymanthus and Cyllene rising in the distance. Take your companion or kids trekking at Olympia's hills and experience the ancient vibes during your walk in the sacred hill of Cronion.

5. Kaiafas Thermal Spa


A magnificent and unique ecosystem including the spas, the lake, the pine forest of Strofylia, the historic mountain of Lapitha and 4 km of golden sandy beach of Zacharo. At Kaiafa’s lake are the homonymous mineral water Springs and curative baths. The water is considered miraculous as it helps cure several conditions. The beauty of this region is superb. Next to the spa is the famous Kaiafas lake that will leave you breathless.

6. Lake Kaiafas Water Sports


The lake surface covers almost 1500 acres with the picturesque islet of Saint Catherine in it's middle. In the lake of Kaiafas apart from the medicinal spas, the visitor can deal with marine sports, like kayak races, regattas, and marine ski. Here exist the installations for the practice of the Greek National team of marine ski. The beauty of this landscape at that corner of Ilia could not be anything else but a very beautiful and dreamed, worthy to what the legends and the fable that surrounds him tell.

7. Zacharo beach


Due to the fertile land, the excellent climate and the magical beaches, Zacharo attracts a large number of visitors. The Kaiafa spas have been popular since antiquity. According to legend, the area of Zacharo was the Olympian gods' resort.


8. Katakolo port and village


In Katakolo you have the opportunity to visit the tourist shops along the road next to the fishing boats. Katakolo's port, that is recently reconstructed, is a busy port full of the cruise ships visiting the Ancient Olympia. Katakolo's taverns are famous for fresh fish, whereas the cafes and bars are famous for the excellent view they offer to those seeking a picturesque place to enjoy their cup of coffee or their drink next to the sea.

9. Kakovatos village


A visit to Kakovatos, a beautiful sandy beach village, popular for its beautiful beach but also for the excellent fresh fish dishes offered in the local fish restaurants (Greek Taverna). Crystal-clear waters, ideal for swimming, lots of sea side taverns where you can enjoy your beers or ouzo with a tasty fish snatch.

10. Lagoon of Kotychi & Strofilia Forest


Brackish, coast by shallow (30-40cm) lagoon, which is surrounded by reeds at the side of land, while at the seaside is surrounded by an oblong sandy isle, in the center of which there is an orifice of communication with the sea. Kotihi covers an expanse of nearly 800 hectares and it is the largest lagoon of Peloponnese. It is characterized by big variety of flora while it presents a big ecological interest, because it is the southwest lagoon in the western corridor of migration, of many birds. Nearby lies the area of Strofilia’s forest. An admirable zone of land which is nearly 15km long and 0.5-3.5km wide. Because of its international significance for the life and the survival of many aquatic birds, the area has been included in the “Ramshar convention” (a convention for the wetlands of international significance as shelters for aquatic birds) and is included in European “Areas of Particular Protection” Unions.




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