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The Alpheus is the largest river in the Peloponnese and has a length of 111 km.
The legends say that the Alpheus was a young man who loved hunting and he was always going into the dense woods with his bow kill wild animals. One day, whilst hunting; he happened upon a beautiful young woman who surprised him and he thought she was the goddess of Olympus. She left quickly, without speaking. After, he spent his time searching for her and he learned from villagers that her name was Arethousa. A few days later they met again and talked for hours. Alpheus fell in love with her and asked to her to marry him, but Arethousa refused. To avoid the pain; Alpheus travelled to distant Sicily, but he always dreamed of returning. He cried and constantly longed to be back in the Peloponnese. Alpheus was lost and searching in vain for his love, and the Gods pitied him and transformed him into a river. He became a rich and clear waters entering the deep sea as if trying to reach the Peloponnese.



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