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The Neda River is one of the few rivers located in an unspoiled landscape a long way from any human intrusion. The river is known for its famous waterfalls and the amazing journey the river takes which combine natural beauty, waterfalls, canyons, natural tunnels and memories of ancient Fygaleias.


According to the Greek Mythology, Neda was a Nymph, a goddess of waters. Neda together with two other Nymphs, Theisoa and Hagno, nursed the infant Zeus after his birth and saved the divine infant from Cronus, who ate his own children. The springs of Neda are on the foothill of Mount Lykaion. In Phigaleia Neda takes up the waters of the Lymax affluent where the “White Water” (“Aspro Nero”) waterfall is formed. Lymax, Neda’s affluent, took its name after Rhea’s labor, because when she gave birth to Zeus on Mount Lykaion the Nymphs threw the waste matter (“lymata” in Greek) of the labor to this river. In the location where the Lymax’s waters merge with Neda’s waters  there was the sacred temple of Eurynome. The temple was built to the east of Phigaleia city at an inaccessible, rough and rocky location at the edge of the steep and large rock where the “White Water” waterfall is formed.






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